Preliminary Report: Archaeology Education in Southeast Asia




archaeology, education, Southeast Asia, survey, SEAMEO SPAFA


This report presents the preliminary results of the SEAMEO SPAFA Survey on Archaeology Education in Southeast Asia which was conducted online from September to December 2018. The aim of the survey was to understand the archaeology education landscape in Southeast Asia and identify the current needs in archaeology education and skills training. 330 people responded to the survey, which was available in multiple languages. These initial results outline where archaeologists in the region studied archaeology; public perceptions of archaeology education in the region; an overview of the archaeology profession and industry and the main training needs identified by those studying or working in Southeast Asian archaeology today.



Author Biography

Noel Hidalgo Tan, SEAMEO SPAFA

Noel Hidalgo Tan is Senior Specalist in Archaeology at the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SPAFA) in Bangkok, Thailand. His primary research interests are in the rock art of Southeast Asia.




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Tan, N. H. (2019) “Preliminary Report: Archaeology Education in Southeast Asia”, SPAFA Journal, 3. doi: 10.26721/spafajournal.v3i0.627.



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