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Advancing Southeast Asian Archaeology 2019
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Selected Papers from the Second SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019. Edited by Noel Hidalgo Tan


  1. Country Report: Archaeological Research in Indonesia in 2016-2018
  2. Summary of Lao archaeological work from 2016-2018
  3. Malaysia: Country Report of Archaeological Activities 2017-2018
  4. Archaeological Developments in Myanmar (2016-2018)
  5. Archaeological Research Activities In The Philippines (2016 – 2019)
  6. Singapore Country Report 2017-2019
  7. Thailand Country Report
  8. Archaeological Developments in Vietnam in 2016-2018: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives
  9. New Interpretations on the African Presence in Southeast Asia 700-1700 CE
  10. Long Trumpets, Their Use and Significance in Java before 1500 CE
  11. Retracing the Cult of Lokeśvara in Khmer and Tibetan Art
  12. Epigraphy as a source for the history of Old Burma
  13. The Materiality of Writing: Script on Artefacts from Early Sites in Southern Thailand and in Southern Myanmar
  14. Cakrasaṃvara or Trailokyavijaya: Ascertaining the Identity of a Tantric Deity at Phimai through Sanskrit Manuscripts
  15. Exploring Thai Massage from Modern Iconography of Wat Pho in Thailand
  16. Flaming Pediments of the Bagan Period
  17. Study on The Architectural Decorations of Wooden Buddhist Monasteries in Myanmar
  18. Understanding the Heritage Significance of Wet-Ma-Sut Monastery in Myanmar
  19. Conservation Practices of Colonial Architectural Heritage through Comprehensive Planning: A Case in Yangon Central Business District
  20. To what extent did geographic determinants and cultural choices influence lithic technology systems? Presentation of the methodology chosen for my future PhD project 
  21. 30 years after P. Gorecki and D. S. Gillieson in Papua New Guinea: New data on the Holocene settlement of East Sepik, Upper Karawari-Arafundi Region
  22. Towards a new approach to the spread of Buddhism in the Lān Xāng Kingdom: The first Lao inscriptions 
  23. Biaros in Padang Lawas: The Buddhist Temple without Buddhist statue
  24. Did the Dharma reach the ancient Philippines?: Reviewing what archaeology and artifacts tell about Buddhism
  25. Changing Concepts of Buddhist Stupa Architecture with special reference to recent excavations in east India
  26. SEM-EDS Analysis and Elemental Composition Study of Stoneware Glazes from and 12th to 14th-century Kota Cina, Sumatra and the Temasek Period of Singapore, Alongside Glaze Formulae from Song, Yuan and Ming Chinese Kilns
  27. Comparative study of pottery manufacturing processes in North and central Vietnam
  28. State of Organic Residue Analysis in Southeast Asia: Plant Biomolecules as Archaeobotanical Evidence
  29. Salt-Making and Prehistoric Shell Middens in the Straits of Melaka
  30. Fish Consumption in 10th Century CE Javanese Society
  31. Towards an Integrated Socio-Ecological History for Bagan’s Peri-Urban Settlement Zone (11th to 14th Centuries CE): Introducing the IRAW@Bagan Archaeological Project
  32. From the Mountains to the Ayeyarwady River: Water Management in Bagan, Myanmar during the 11th to 14th centuries
  33. The Sustainable Hydrological Features in the Historical City of Mrauk-U
  34. The Ancient Water Management Systems in Thailand and the Relationship to Mainland Southeast Asia
  35. The Lashed-lug Tradition Beyond the Commonalities: A closer examination of variations in keel design within Southeast Asian shipbuilding tradition
  36. The Ancient Settlements in the Semangka Fault Line of Liwa, West Lampung Indonesia
  37. Human Face Reliefs in Rock Art, Pasemah Megalithic, South Sumatera
  38. New Evidence of Iron Smelting Sites on the Montalat Watershed (Central Kalimantan, Indonesia): Comparison with the Iron Smelting Sites at Sungai Batu (Kedah, Malaysia)
  39. Patterns in Dental Health and Disease in the Philippine Pre-Spanish Colonial Period
  40. Ethnoarchaeological Study of Megalithic Monuments in Nias: Comparative Study of Megaliths in Bӧrӧnadu and Orahili Fau
  41. Development of Image Analysis Software for Archaeological Applications
Published: 2020-12-28
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